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What is a Job Fair?

  • The Governor's Job Fair is a community sponsored, one day event that brings together a diverse group of employers actively looking for employees. 
  • Each Job Fair is FREE and open to anyone looking for a job.
  • Employers are assembled to offer real job opportunities to those individuals looking for employment. 
  • The Job Fair is distinguished from a career day in that job placement rather than career exploration is the main objective and expected outcome. ​
  • Governor Job Fair events are sponsored by the Office of the Governor, the Mississippi Development Authority and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and the Mississippi Development Authority.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security promotes the use of job fairs as another means to help meet the needs of employers, the unemployed, our graduating college and community college students, and our returning military service members.  Every job fair planned, conducted or sponsored by this agency is held to the highest standards in organization, professionalism, accessibility, and outcome.

  • Objectives and outcomes are focused on jobs for the unemployed and quality applicants for employers.​
  • Applicants are drawn from the military, colleges and universities, laid off workers and those seeking to improve their career options.
  • Each Job Fair is a NON-PROFIT EVENT with a MINIMUM REGISTRATION FEE for employers to cover the cost of the event.
  • Each Job Fair is an equal opportunity event.

  • P.O. Box 1699
    Jackson, MS 39215
  • Mississippi Department
    of Employment Security
    Phone: 601.321.6122